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Venus transit, atmospheric glow and Venus ring


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Hello all

We were very lucky here where i live at Venus transit day, weather was very good and we saw transit from sunrise (3.35 am local time)

Only time clouds spoiled observing, was around third contact (15min of clouds)

We were located local higher hill, with clear wiew to horizon. We had 3 telescopes to observe, My h-alfamodded TAL100RS, my friends SW 180mm Maksutov, and other friends TAL-1

Here is some images i took.



Venus in white light with TA100RS


Venus in h-alfa


Venus atmospheric glow when Venus leaves sun, this was more easy to see visually, i took short look with 180mak and saw it clearly.


And last one. Most difficult planet image i have ever took. I made more than 1 meter black cardboard extension to my scope to block sun. Venus was about 2 degrees from sun when i imaged this, clouds also almost spoiled this and i was able to tookl only one short video.

Visually it was easier and saw it more clearly, what a strange looking planet, ring in the sky

But i am very happy with this, Venus ring


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Thank you very much for kind responce. TAL100RS is very good telescope for solarwork, and we were lucky to get good weather in that morning. I tried to catch ring also before transit, but bad weather spoil my attempt. I think there is couple other ring images in web, from 2004 transit.

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