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Anyone out there still using a SX MX916?

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Whilst getting the SVX H9 sorted (see my earlier post "Plug and Pray") I've got my hands on an older (parellel port) MX916.

I'm trying to make that work (again) on an XP machine (because it's got a Parallel port!).

Is anyone doing anything remotely similar?

I've installed "Pix M9" (the camera control software) and "Astro Art Light". Plugged the camera into the P port and...


PixM9 does launch the camera control window but there's nothing downloading when I 'take photo'.

Apart from simlpy installing "Pix M9" and plugging in the Parallel port cable is there anything else to do?



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If anyone's interested I found the answer!

Terry Platt advised that XP is useless with early (parallel port) cameras because it does allow access to the port! And, that later versions of AstroArt can.

I downloaded a demo version of AstroArt v5 and the clever little program can see it.

It works a treat!

That decides the issue of which software package to buy!



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