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Good evening fellow cosmic travelers.


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Mi name is Marin,physics student from Croatia.

I have been in love with the skies even as a kid,grew up watching Star Trek,little did I know those dreams were only dreams.

Years gone by and the harsh reality set through,man kind never journeyed beyond the edges of our galaxy (at least not in a manned mission).

So I've yearned for a telescope...But,as kids are,everything is more important than knowledge.

There was guitar playing,concert going,motorcycle riding (all of those things still are here though) ,but never telescope.

Always wanted,never saved for.

Well now I've been saving for quite a while,and the time has come to buy one,so I have come here to nag you with the ever same begginers question (which one to buy)

If you will invite me into your discussions and be patient with me,I will be forever grateful,if not,I will understand :)

Best of luck to everyone.

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Hi Marin and welcome to SGL.

They're a very friendly bunch here. If you have any questions just ask away. Someone here will know the answer. All the forums here are open so feel free to join in.

Good luck with choosing your scope.


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Hi Marin and welcome to the forum.

In addition to asking questions, there are also "stickies", primers and tutorials to help you get started. You might want to think about downloading a free piece of planetarium software called "Stellarium" which you can view here. Lots of great features to play with when the clouds come in and it can be configured to show you the sky from your precise observation location.

Clear skies for now


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