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the sky is blue new scope has come 250px ... i can not wait to try it out for the first light tonight if it gets dark ; lol lets hope the clouds do not come over and put my flames out ....

I've started using mine to hang my coat on it gets so little time in the garden recently :mad:

But good luck - you will love the views through that baby!

Clear skies :)

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As the weather is a tad inclemend to say the least, I have relieved my cabin fever by ordering a Meade Lightbridge 10" dob. Hoping to collect at the weekend, so no doubt the skies will once again be v

That's a big jump in aperture. Lovely views on your way.

That would be Obi Wan KeDobi

I pick my Skyliner 200P tomorrow,don't know what I'm going to do with the Heritage 130p now ?

I'm in the same boat. 6-7 months ago i bought an 8SE and since then my Heritage has been in the cupboard. I really dont want to sell it. I honestly cant see myself using it again. Great scope but why use it when i have an 8SE?.

I would have to sell it to an Irish buyer who can collect

(sorry Mods this is not a sales advert)...................i'm just explaining how i would have to sell my Heritage.........................if i ever did.

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Should mention that I joined the Dob Mob a little over a month ago with a FlexTube 300p Auto and then proceeded to 'upgrade' it to push-to status, by blowing up the motherboard.

It replaced a 200p/HEQ5 and even in the washed out skies of May & June, the difference isn't small. Bring on the dark!


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Maybe I am an honorary member of the Dob Mob since building a mini-Dob for the kids.

At heart I am really in the Cat Crowd, and since getting a little APO also of the Frac Fraternity

Split personality? Me?

Man, you's all mixed up!

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