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Top 10 astronomy accessories


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1.Red light / White light torch

2. red dot finder

3.Right angle 9x 50 finder

4. Denver chair [ home made]

5. Eyepieces & case

6. Cheshire collimater

7.Turn Left at Orion

8. Log book & sketching kit

9. Telescope/ Tripod tool kit

10. Stargazers Lounge


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Top Posters In This Topic

An interesting thread. Here's what I regularly use for viewing - but not in any particular order:

1: 'Turn Left at Orion'

2: Cheshire Collimator

3: Compass

4: Red light torch

5: Barlow lens

6: Low power/wide angle lens

7: Stellarium/Planisphere

8: 'T' ring adapter

9: D.S.L.R

10: Lunar filter

(11: Cloud identification book!)


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That;s really hard, as to what to not include (especially for imaging use).

But not including mount / scope

1) Stellarium

2) Sat 24

3) Bahtinov Mask

4) Powerpack


6) Backyard EOS

7) Webcam

8) Sharpcap

9) DSS

10) Registax

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