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ISS 8-6-2012 , 01:32 ish

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Think I'm getting the hang of this ,

Took advantage of the clear slot last night and had another crack at Speedy ,

Lack of stars at 23:00 meant I couldn't get set up for the Midnight pass , but everything cleared shortly after ....

Everything ready and waiting and bang on cue he appeared from the shadow..

Let him get fairly high before shooting this time and Bingo.....


1st Third of pass


Mid-pass , just missing Vega


Final flourish

SPC900NC , 200PDS , HEQ5Pro , SharpCap , VirtualDub ,Castrator , Reg5 ,StarSharp Mask , AstronomyShed Tutorial .............and a lot of luck :p

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The technique Is kinda point and hope really !

Got all the info needed to make a start on this little adventure from one of Dion's excellent tutorials on YouTube/AstronomyShed

Pretty much all you need to know to get started plus the pass data from here.....


It's great fun and a real challenge , recommend it to anyone.

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Nice pics. Good job.

Another option instead of virtualdub and castrator is to use PIPP. Saves having to use two bits of software and will automatically detect, centre, crop and save each image from the AVI that has the ISS in it. These can then go into your stacking prog of choice.

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Cheers , i'll have a look at it .

Was very quick with the processing , going to have a more relaxed go at it this weekend and try and pull a little more detail out.

So hard to get it on the chip I tend to be reluctant to discard iffy frames,

Have made copies of original trimmed AVI so will get ruthless and keep only the best few frames of each different orientation and go from there.

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