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If White holes do exist, then wouldn't they require some sort of anti gravity or negative mass? Because if nothing can enter them or reach their event horizon, it must mean it has no or a very weak gravitational force, which according to Newton's Gravitational Law would require a very small mass for the white Hole. Could this be an application of the hpothetical anti-gravity?

p.s. if White Holes and Black holes are linked, and black holes suck in things at the speed of light, would it not require white holes to emit particles faster than the speed of light?

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White holes are hypothetical objects arising as a solution of the field equations of general relativity under certain conditions. So Newtonian physics (and everyday "common sense") don't apply. Like a black hole, a white hole would have mass and angular momentum, would emit Hawking radiation, and would be gravitationally attractive (though objects falling toward a white hole never reach its event horizon). There is no evidence that they exist in nature.


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