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All I see is a static image of the sun in red with a red dot some way off in the corner of the video, but the audio describes the transit beginning. *sigh*

Everything is against us!

Ah, now we see a repeating video of Venus approaching the sun, let's have live feed please guys!

EDIT: Oh, I take it back, I see the transit happening in the lower left corner of the sun. :D

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I'm confused. I was expecting, after much reading and viewing etc, that contact and transit would be toward the top of the sun as we look at it. Looking at the Nasa live streaming, Venus has turned up at the bottom. Assume it's because it's being viewed from space rather than the ground? Am I missing something?

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The image will appeared flipped/reversed due to different telescopes/filters/lenses - That's what the astronomers at Mauna Kea say anyway. But we should see it at the top right (as it makes third and fourth contact)

- AZ

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