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M51...budget Setup Beyond It's Limit....

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A better idea would be to get a better mount such as the HEQ5 Pro.

Gina speaks sense, IMNSHO. If you *have* to use the EQ3-2 because of financial considerations then fair enough, but life is probably easier with one of the more expensive mounts.


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Getting the heq5 is my aim later on but using my eq5 has shown me just how far I can go on abudget and for the price I am very happy :D

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Gina -I know you are right-way too expensive for me just now.

So that puts you in the same situation as me. In fact I could get the finances and soon will have to buy even an EQ6....but I won't....reason?? BRITISH WEATHER! My hard earn't money is very precious, I choose to spend it wisely, the idea of spending £500 + on a mount to sit idle gathering dust in the garage for 320+ days of the year doesn't appeal to me........

As for the EQ3-2 - Its capable of astrophotography, and yes you can get good DSO results but you have to be realistic (this thread is not a good example). Keep the focal length to below 500mm and keep sub lengths to a sensible time i-e 30-60 sec unguided or upto 5min guided on a calm evening with a good polar alignment, correct balance, and appropriate lubricating and adjustment of the worm drives and you'll be laughing. From my experience the EQ3-2 is perfectly suited to the wider frame camera lens images, my 200mm lens is a good example. At these short wide FL's I can get 7-8mins+ guided with almost perfect round stars!!

Mike, see my EQ3-2 guiding thread here to help answer some of your questions: http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/136565-guided-eq3-2-write-up/

Here is my widefield setup - http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/136472-eq3-2-guided-wide-field-rig/

Here is an example of what the EQ3-2 with a 200mm camera lens can achieve http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/141748-rosette-widefield/

Hope this helps


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