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Welcome To The New Sgl!

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Well done


"Can't quite tell whats changed"

J/k looks / feels the bees knees!!.

Thanks for all the hard work guys. Great stuff. :):laugh:

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Anyone who has any doubts about our new environment, will, I'm sure, have a change of mind once they become familiar with it.

Grant, Ant, and whoever else who was involved in version 4, can take a bow, because it's a First Class result,

So well done guys, it hasn't been easy I'm sure, and we owe you for your time and energy you put into it all.

:icon_salut: :icon_salut: :icon_salut:.


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Congratulations on getting it all done with the minimum of (public facing) fuss and disruption. I have no doubt that there has been lots of very hard not to say frantic work done by the SGL team, so I say a sincere THANK YOU and WELL DONE.

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Great work guys. Looks brilliant!

Thanks for using the banner I did too, looks nice! :D

Looks good so far and I'm not one for change (you should hear me tutting round Tesco's every few weeks when they move things around). My only criticism would be that the font seems quite small and dull. Can I change it so all the posts are size 18 font and white rather than light gray?

I don't think you can change the size of the text on a user basis through the forum. If you hold down Ctrl and then Mouse Wheel Up, it will increase the zoom of your page which will have the same effect I guess.

Short of that, you need to use something like Stylebot so you can style the font with CSS to make it bigger. Something like this:

div.post.entry-content {
font-size: 18px;
color: #fff;

The font in the post quoted above is massive on my screen too. Are you using a small resolution laptop? :)

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Having had a proper look around now, I think the new site is excellent. Congrats on such a smooth transition. It takes a lot of work for things to move across so seemingly seamlessly.

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