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Quick and easy accessory light

The Warthog

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I always hated trying to see things on my ep tray under the scope, usually while holding an ep in each hand, and the torch in my teeth to see what I was doing. So, last year I went to my local automotive supplier, and bought a red 12v truck clearance light, and screwed it to the inside of my tripod leg, just above the ep tray. I connected up a pair of 6v batteries, using lamp cord and a switch, and now have a handy light to illuminate my eps as I work.

The batteries wore out recently, and I went and got a new battery and a pair of 6v bulbs to replace the 12v ones that came with the lamp. It's just as bright, and should save on batteries.

The lamp cost me less than $10 Cdn, and the batteries are about $12. Very convenient.

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