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Hi all,

I'm a long time astronomy fan but have never owned a telescope. Only binoculars.

I understand binoculars are a good accessory combined with a scope so I'm looking at a nice pair of 10x50s as well as a new scope.

I've been reviewing a number of scopes with good reviews. Celestron NexStar 130 SLT and the 4 SE models.

I don't yet plan to do any astrophotography as I only have a point and shoot Nikon camera. The 4SE seems good value and is compact in design which is useful to me as my spare room is tight for space. However the 130 SLT also gets good reviews and being a beginner I want something easy to set up as well as transport out into my garden.

I live in a maisonette so I can't really have anything too heavy like a trolley mounted dobsonian.

My knowledge is limited when it comes to the night sky so joining a forum will help as I may not get much spare time to join a local astronomy group being an active runner and rower, car enthusiast and watch collector.

However I have a PC and my iPad and my first two apps were Night Sky and Star Walk. I have a book on constellations and another on the Universe as well as 'Cosmos' by Carl Sagan and of course access to the web.

I enjoy observing the moon as well as farther away objects such as galaxies and other neighbouring stars.

My maths isn't too hot but my enthusiasm is and I plan on taking my future bins/scope into my garden to use as often as I can.

Being based in Beds, UK on the edge of the countryside/town I do get pretty good clear sky's on a good night with very little light pollution.

Sorry for the lengthy first post.

I'm open to Ny help, suggestions and opinions of course as I wish to learn as much as I can.

Cheers all.

Ps my username has come out incorrect. I entered it as stevenbgs1100 which is what I was expecting. Can a member of the admin team kindly change this at all?


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Thanks James.

The SkyWatcher Skyliner 200P seems like a popular model amongst SGL members. I am also considering the the Celestron NexStar 130 and 4SE scopes but my issue is that my main use of the scope will be in my garden but my garden has uneven ground with some flat spots.

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