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Lunar Observer Guide

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Having spent 3 very enjoyable nights viewing the moon with the assistance of Turn Left at Orion, I have found that our nearest celestial neighbor is truly fascinating and beautiful at 120x mag.

Can anybody recommend a good book that is dedicated to lunar observing. I've had a look at the Phillips Lunar Guide on Amazon and that looks pretty good and quite cheap but maybe one of you know of a particularly good one.

Cheers all...

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I have always liked patrick moore when it comes to lunar observing I haven't read this one by him but I think it is pretty much agreed that the guy has forgotten more on lunar observing than most people ever learnt. I read Patrick Moore's guide to the moon many years ago this one is a newer book by him


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Astroboot have the Philips moon map and the philips moon observers guide for £3 each, you could ad the philips planisphere for the same to get free postage too.

Thats what I have just done as I am fascinated with lunar viewing at the moment too.

Hope this helps,


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I picked up one of the Philips books from Astroboot recently too, but have yet to spend much time with it.

What I have already found very good is this, it's a desktop computer program called the Virtual Moon Atlas


Not ideal for having out at the scope, unless you are lucky enough to have an observatory I suppose. However I find it quite useful for when I come in after a session and think hey what was that feature I was just looking at, then I can go back and label my bad sketches.


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Look into "Discover the Moon" Jean Lacroux and Christian Legrand.

Another vote for this excellent night-by-night guide.

You'll also want at least one good lunar atlas. The bees knees is Antonin Rukl's Atlas of the Moon, but this very expensive now as it is out of print at the moment.


The Hatfield Lunar Atlas is an excellent photographic atlas. This is available in seperate editons for use with SCT and with Newtonian scopes.


There is also a superb free software-based lunar atlas called Virtual Moon Atlas


I hope this all helps

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