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I've just come away from a weekend camping trip at a fantastic campsite in Dorset (Look up Hedgehog Corner!). The site has amazing dark skies so I was happy I packed my scope. I've recently purchased a cheap fisheye lens for my camera, not the best optical quality but good enough for some light hearted pictures.

Below are a few pics I took, they needed a fair bit of processing to show any detail but I'm pleased with the results. :(




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They are really nice mate!

Love these fish eye lenses - don't have one myself, but I love the images they give.

They are a bitch to focus, so you did very well indeed!


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Andrew, this is the lens I bought:


It's not a complete lens, it just screws on to an exsisting lens like a filter. You would need to have a lens with a focal length of around 18mm to get the best effect. A couple of points to mention though, the optical quality is not great (take care with bright lighting during daytime shots or you get multiple reflections) and the lens quickly fogs up when used outside for more than 10 mins or so. Saying that I love mine and would replace it straight away should it get damaged!

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