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SW200P Inwards focus not enough

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Hi all

My apologies if this is a repeated items, but i have searched and cannot find anything. My issue is I have my canon 500d attached directly to the SW200P scope as close as is possible to the scopes focuser. Problem is that I need a small bit more inwards focus but I am unable too due to being in as far as it will go. Has anyone any ideas please.


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Buy a low profile focuser or consider some DIY alterations:

Move the secondary supports further down the tube, cut a new focuser opening, you may lose some FOV but you should gain some inward focus.


Remove the primary and cut away some tube to get the primary a little closer to the secondary, again some small loss of FOV.


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Have you seen the 2" Skywatcher Focuser adaptor that Bernard sells at Modern Astronomy??

Worked for me!!:)

Here is the link:


(Just after the Finder/guider adaptor)

You unscrew the SW adaptor from the draw tube and screw this straight on on, which gives you extra inwards focus.:(



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I had the same problem with my Newt. I couldn't find a lo-pro adapter, so I wound up combining 2 adapters by splitting them in half and simply gluing them together. this gives me almost 1/2" of focus to play with now.

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You don't need anything extra. The 2"-1.25" eyepiece adapter unscrews into 2 pieces. Attach your T-ring to the lower piece, and that's it. Should work fine.

Maybe we should have a sticky on this. I've answered this question at least 3 times this week alone! :hello2:

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