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Our Moon

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Its called the moon...other moons are natural satellites :(

I guess when we named it the moon we weren't aware of any others at the time. So when we finally saw others it was like "They have moon like things too!"

All moons are a moon but not all moons are the moon. Haha...

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I guess for the sake of a name that isn't just "The Moon" that's fine, but if Luna is just Latin for Moon then I'll still be happy calling it the moon :(

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The term, "lunar," is an adjective meaning, "pertinent to the Moon." It is not a name. Cruithne and the other numbered objects mentioned on the linked TV show orbit the Sun and not the Earth, so they are not moons of the Earth. They are asteroids that have an orbital resonance with the Earth. The BBC comedy department should not be regarded as an authoritative source for scientific information!

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Every planet in our solor system that has moon(s) has a name, why don't we have a name for the moon of planet Earth?

Every planet in our solar system has Satellite objects. Earth's Satellite - in English - is called Moon.

In Latin and related (including Spanish, Sardinian, Italian etc) and Russian, it's called Luna. In Japanese Tsuki. And who knows how many more names it has ? :)

We say "moon" for other planet's natural satellites to easily distinguish them from other objects, like orbiting artificial probes, asteroids or alien spaceships :D

It works the same way in several languages: in Italian, for instance, you would say "Le lune di Giove" for "Moons of Jupiter", even though Luna is the

name of our own natural satellite.

Clear Skies


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