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My first Dumbell


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Thanks Gina and Mark,I was tickled to get an image of this. I was quite surprised when the first test shot showed the nebula so clearly. Mark,I did take some darks but for some reason I could not find them in the folder they were supposed to be in. Now I have to hunt for darks on the computer instead of DSO's. There's always a wrinkle in the cloth to iron out.

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Oh how right you are Quartermass,the same night I shot the Dumbell I also shot the Ring Nebula,another stunner in color and form. I'm having tons of difficulties processing the Ring,however,I think I overexposed it by miles at 70secs and ISO 800. The single shots appear good,but when stacked in DSS I get a bright white powdered donut with a raspberry filling core. If I only stack 2-4 of the subs then the image is passable. I'll be working on it some more later this week as time allows.

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