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200 dob: I need a nudge in the right direction

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Hello all

Having gotten my introduction to the stars and planets with my Meade goto 90mm frac, I feel it's time to move on. So I was looking to go with a 200 flex tube auto. These seem to have been discontinued!

So I am now considering the skyliner 200 dob and I have a few questions :-)

First, does anyone one have pictures of the scope in use? I'd like to get an idea of both the size of the scope and the observing position ( will I need a chair?)

Secondly, I'm going to have to store in the shed, any problems with this?

Finally I am concerned by the lack of tracking, having been spoilt by the goto of my Meade. I've read that the tracking becomes second nature but how long before I'll be not noticing the lack of tracking? Tracking is why the auto looked so good but that seems to have disappeared from the skywatcher range.


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Hi Ikorodu

On tracking. I used to use driven equatorial mounts and used to think that tracking by hand must be a nightmare and a chore. Then years later I built a Dob (initially just to sell) once I had used one I realised my fears were totally unfounded and in fact it was very easy indeed. In fact it's so easy I would never buy another equatorial mounted scope.

Newts on Dob mounts are not only easier to use they're miles quicker to set up and therefore much more portable too. I see placing a newt on a Dob mount an upgrade.

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If your not happy about nudging high power EP's i would think quite a lot then a GoTo will work, it will need somebody that has used one to decribe how its set-up and the time it takes but i use a NEQ6 with a Reflector and this would be imagining while i used a Dob so tracking would be a must so it can be left on the DSO while the other scope it attended to....i'm thinking a 16" with GoTo but at the smaller end on the market there are these....


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Hi Ikorodu

Our fellow user 'markryan' was also trying to find an auto. Have a read of this thread because I believe he found one here

Good luck

Rob :)

I did notice that he found one from TS. I emailed them twice last week but never got a response. Since doing this the price on their website appears to have gone up. My absolute max budget is £450 but I'd prefer to spend less!

Thanks all for your advice so far. From looking at the video linked in the thread mentioned above it looks like sitting would be the best viewing position.

I'm a bit worried about the tracking. But looking at the second hand prices I'd only be loosing around £50 if I came to sell it.

BTW is storage in a shed ok? Mrs will not allow it on the house.


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A shed is ideal as a large reflector works best when it cools to match its surroundings.

So long as it's not going to get wet and its covered to keep spiders out,it'll be fine.

Keep some of those silica anti damp bags that come with everything nowadays and keep it with the scope.

Might want to consider security?

Good luck with your choice

Sent from my HD2Droid

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Nudging a dob to keep a target in view is easier to do than it is to explain :) Mind you I'm more of a 'drifter' these days as I prefer wider field of view eyepieces which literally allow a target to stay in view for longer and drift by whilst I watch :)

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I have a 200 Skyliner and love it.I have it on a flat bed garden trolley (e bay)to wheel out of the shed,so no lifting or risk of expensive drops. I found it stiff to rotate when I first got it,and did the lazy susan bearing conversion which is a great mod.A waterproof cover for about 25 quid and you have a very moveable and well protected scope .I have made a chair (see Denver chair links)but tend to use a shooting stick.I am elderly,bad back,etc.but manage ok with this set up.Just clear the blumming skies will somebody?!

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