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I'm in Australia, and I want a clear and close view of a planet (aside from Earth) within my own solar system. :)

I was told that I would see a planet if I had a good telescope. So, yesterday, I bought a Skywatcher 130mm (5.1") f/650 Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope.

I suspect it will be quite a while before I understand the jargon, and even longer before I can actually use the telescope. But I do have high hopes :)

I'm glad I was directed to this site. I feel confident that I will learn a lot from you all.

I also visited http://www.stellarium.org/ and downloaded their free planetarium. I'm not sure how it will help me when I start using the telescope, but it has already given me a good idea of where things should be. :)

Thank you for having me.

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Hello and welcome to SGL! The 130P is a great scope, I myself own it, you get some good views of Saturn and Venus around this time of year with the supplied eyepieces, but they are both pretty small. Anyway, I suggest you take your time learning the sky and the scope before you spend more on eyepieces :).

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Hi and welcome to the Lounge Crux.

Get that scope pointed at Saturn and you will be hooked! I find Stellarium really good for helping work out what I've seen. Turn Left at Orion is a really good basic guidebook to finding interesting things, and many users here highly recommend it - one of the first things I bought after I joined the Lounge. Good luck and clear skies :hello2:

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