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Hello all, from PrivateWiddle...


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Hello everyone,

I've been a casual observer since my mum got the Observer's Book of Astronomy from the library in 1975. My first telescope was self built from a postal tube and broken binoculars. My current scopes are slightly posher, but I dont think I'll ever top my first view of the Moon through that telescope.

See you on the forum.

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Welcome to the lounge privatewiddle.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to become an active

member of this forum.

If you don't accept this mission your observers book that your mum bought

will turn into a copy of Russel; Harty's astrology for life.

You have been warned. :clouds1: :clouds1:

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Thanks for the welcome. I didn't say posh, i said 'a bit posher than' a childhood scope made from binocular lenses and a postal tube. I have an Omc140 Mak, a short tube refractor and chinese 4" mak for travel.

The Omc is nice, the refractor is ok for casual use, the smaller mak is nowhere near the omc, but good for the price.

Wish I could use them more often, but work, light pollution and weather often conspire to stop that. Last night was not too bad though!

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