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Supposed to be in Arizona Sky Village with a couple of mates but some git stole all my gear passport, money, tickets, imaging equipment including cameras on the morning of departure . My mates have just sent this image back so forgive me if I feel just slightly brassed off.


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Woah. WTF? If they got all that simultaneously it sounds like you were all packed up and ready to go when they struck. When did they take it? You should post a list of what was taken here: we may see it appear on the used market.

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Here are some the items stollen 2-- canon350d cameras one modified

clip filter

canon 300mm lens

Herschel wedge

Canon right anle view finder

Tripod and barn door mount

selection of adaptors

Nagler 12mm eyepeice

Yes I was on my way to Heathrow when the items were stolen with my passport, tickets and money

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