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Hi from Cornwall

Lost in Space

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Recently bought my first proper scope.

Went for the skywatcher 200p dobsonian (after a lot of research).

First night out with it saw the moon (in great detail) Mars, Venus, Saturn (rings & moons), M5 globular cluster & Orion nebula.:)

Rather a HUGE step forward from my previous tasco luminova!!.:)

Have since found other globulars (ie. both in Hercules), the crab nebula & the whirlpool galaxy.

Now joining a local astro society & have been out with it on viewing evenings.

Good friendly & helpfull bunch.:headbang:

Bought a modded logitech 4000 now attempting some simple imaging, lot to learn.

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Hi lost in space and welcome to the SGL.

Great first objects! Keep looking - that scope will offer many more objects to keep you busy for years to come :)

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Hi Lost in Space,

Welcome to SGL! I'm still fairly new but everyone has been very helpful and friendly, and there is so much you can learn on this forum!

I get to spend a bit of time in North Cornwall each year with the scope - lovely part of the world and the dark skies are beautiful! I understand that's a lovely scope you've got there - we look forward to seeing your images!

All the best :)

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Hi LIS - welcome to SGL - sounds like you've got off to a great start - lovely scope, joined SGL, Joined your local astro group - not sure what more you could have done

welcome on board look forward to hearing your reports in the future.

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