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M97, The Owl Nebula, up close and personal


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Been a bit quiet lately to say the least on the imaging front, and the weather has kept me preoccupied at work, but here's what I was working on for most of the clear nights that we did have in Jan/Feb/March. I'm not entirely sure I have finished this one, but its been sitting on my hard drive for weeks, thought I may as well post it :)

The Owl Nebula, M97 is a bright planetary with strong Ha and Oiii emissions, and a much fainter outer shell that shows on long Oiii exposures.

The Atik 428ex binned at 2x2 still gives good resolution (around 0.8 arcsec/pixel IIRC) and great sensitivity, so I felt confident to get this data using my C9.25 at F10. The subs needed to be longer naturally, so this image is comprised of 30 minute subs in Ha and Oiii, as well as some LRGB data added as appropriate. Guiding at this focal length (2400mm or so) presented a bit of a challenge, but the humble EQ6 proved to be up to the job, without any PEC correction etc.

It is nice to be able to bring out some of the details revealed by bigger scopes, and all from a back garden in a heavily light polluted Coventry.

Around 35 hours of exposure or so, Celestron C9.25 @f10, Atik 428ex binned 2x2, Baader filters.

Thanks for looking.



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I've seen a few Owl nebs, and some have looked pretty good.

Usually, any improvement on other images of the same object is slight, but not in this case.

This is an order of magnitude better than anything I've seen done with sub 2 metre scopes.....brilliant Tim, well done :)

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That really is something else Tim, the depth the striking colour the detail you've absolutely ripped out of it ti be honest Im struggling for a superlative that does this justice so I dont think I will!!

Far from an Owl looks mor elike a man trapped in a bubble to me lols

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