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A good quality Barlow will increase mag without darkening the image significantly. Also the coatings on the lens will not introduce any false color such as when viewing a bright object like a full Moon or bright planet.

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I was multitasking and brousing sgl and Tal's factory page when i read this thread. Maybe this'll be of interest?

Copied and pasted from Tal's factory page(npzoptics.com). Cleaned up the translation slightly.......


Achromatic Barlow composed of cemented doublet. A 2x, 3x and 4x are available. The most popular barlow, the x2 (pictured - right), is included as a standard accessory with TAL telescopes and has a higher optical performance through the use of special lanthanum glass.


The x2 barlow can be transformed to a x3 with the addition of a spacing sleeve, placed between the barlow and eyepiece.


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Another vote here for the Tal x2. I have one and have been very impressed with the clarity of images through it. Been great on Saturn & Venus and for the price you can't really go wrong.

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Another vote for the Tal x2 if you can get one, nice and clear image. I think it is better quality relatively than the Tal x3 barlow (at least to my tired old eyes :)).

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