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Another Saturn 1st Timer

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Went out at 10pm tonight and had my 1st view of Saturn.

Been observing with 10x50 bins for the past year, but I've been given a Konuscope-6 telescope. It was an unwanted raffle prize?!? Its very basic, but with the 8mm EP, I had a great view of Saturn, and I think I could see the Cassini Division too.

I've been holding off spending money on a scope, because I wanted to learn the sky 1st, but I think its time to dive in.

I think I need a scope with a motor, as Saturn only lasted afew seconds before going out of view, and this scope and tripod are a pain to adjust.

Spent 1hr outside, before cloud came over and I called it a night.

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Its great when you get your first view of Saturn isnt it :-)

I can still remember my first view with my 3" reflector back in the 80's I was like a kid in a toy shop haha! Of course it wasn't brilliant due to the max mag being about 150x and my highest eyepiece being 92x and the fact I was using a camera tripod :) so it was shaky at 50x let alone anything higher.

I saw Saturn tonight for the first time in ages through my 150P but I tend to agree with others, the EQ3-2 aint great. It still takes a while to settle down, but by then your turning the RA knob to bring it back into view! But it was a wonderful sight at 150x cassini division was pretty well displayed as were cloud bands too.

Not something Id advise anyone to do though... taking a 150P on an EQ3-2 down two steps when you're stuck in a wheel chair!! I had to stay indoors and just adjust the scope to where I wanted it then lean over the eye piece. Worth it though! But I'll pay for it tomorrow.

Hope you had fun, Saturn for the first time is a real treat.

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Me to lost my saturn virginity tonight as well, could only push it to around 250 x mag with my 10" dob, but very cool, called the wife out to the yard to have a look as well, think i could make out 3 moons as too !, could make out the cassini division, shame about the camera battery running out on me i was gonna try some a focal photography on it.

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This am, Saturn was crystal clear.At x200,I could make out the A,B and C rings , a dark shadow from the rings on the surface and the inner moons.

Had a look with LeeB's 10" Orion Optics, then my 8" f6 using a 6mm Plossl.The background sky hasn't been at all dark.Just very surprised at how clear and good it was.


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I agree Nick, Saturn was pretty good last night and I managed to get up around x220 but unfortunately getting a real tight focus was a bit of a pain whilst battling with the wind that started blowing up out of nowhere. Had it been still down this part of the world it would have been great.


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i had a look at saturn on sat night and my son deceided to have a look and he went wow, he could not beleive that it was saturn he was looking at he also looked at the moon he loved that then it was back to his xbox thing!!

still saturn was great smashing view saw some moons just let her glide through fov.

i seem to get nice veiwing.

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Well, I have been on holiday for a couple of weeks, and just returned. I have had my scope (Nexstar 6SE) for a few weeks.

The day before we went away was the first decent night since I had the scope. But I had to be up at 6am to catch a flight the next day.

Anyway, it was a fairly nice night, so at 10.30 pm I went out in the garden with the scope. My wife was livid - all ready for bed etc.

10 mins later we were both 'jaw dropped' in the garden looking at Saturn.

I know there are many posts about the first Saturn views etc. I can now understand how emotional people are about it.

Simply life changing.


PS. This was through both a decent 32mm eyepiece and a poor 10mm one. I have now ordered a Baader 8-24mm zoom.

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:hello2: SATURN :)

Got my first look at Saturn last night too with a good friend who came round to do some observing for the very first time so it was great to be able to share this with him. Even my gf was impressed.

We then spent time looking at Mars, quire funny becasue i found mars, had a look, later on my friend looked and said it was blue and looked at a star. Turns out he was looking at a star and that's why it looked like one.... it was funny at the time.

:p SATURN :eek:
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