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Will my plan for auto guiding work?

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Good morning all. I'm looking for some help. Money is a little tight at the moment due to an impending house move, but I've also got a few weeks away in a dark site to look forward to over the next couple of months and whilst I know that I'm going to be time restricted given the lack of darkness, I was wondering whether with only a small financial investment I might be able to squeeze in some AP.

My plan is this:

I've bought some tube rings to mount my 127MAK on my CG5-GT. on this I can piggyback my canon 7d. I've got several quick lenses (50mm f1.8 through to 500mm f4) which I can use. The question is though whether I could use one of these http://www.firstlightoptics.com/guide-cameras/hitecastro-usb-guider.html with my spc900nc through the Mak as an effective guide scope?

Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Not familiar with the CG5-GT but if it has an ST4 guide port on the mount I see no problem

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It has a st4 port Teslar. Am I right to assume there will be no problem using the spc900 as a guide cam - will it be sensitive enough?

Ps thanks!

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If you're planning on using a piggy backed DSLR with a 50mm lens then I wouldn't worry about guiding too much. I think you'll find 3 minute unguided exposures won't show much trailing at that focal length. If you move up to 200mm to 300mm lenses then it becomes more of an issue but at 50mm rigging up a guide camera - well I wouldn't bother.

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^ - me neither, up to around 200mm, unguided up to 5mins should be relatively easy. Don't know about the sensitivity of the webcam, guess it will depend on the area of sky, whether there's any bright stars. The mak is pretty slow at f12'ish, so the image will be pretty dark. You can guide the CG5-GT either through the ST-4 port or through the handset (I found the later worked best for some reason).

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