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Pleiades from November 22nd


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Ok - let's see whether I can get this image thingy to work :clouds1:


Hopefully the above will show a picture of the Pleiades. If not - I've failed miserably! :clouds1:

Let's see if I can succeed or fail twice over... Here's a more aggressively processed version...


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It's a cracking camera. Focus assist is excellent (it shows you two magnified views of what the camera can see on the display at the back) and the noise handling really puts the others to shame (although I have to admit, I've not used a regular 20D but the noise handling in the 20Da has been tweaked for astro work).

I really enjoyed our brief encounter.

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Focus assist now that sounds pretty awsome to me Pete something missing from many camera's that. Noise handling on the 20Da does that use dark frame subtraction or another process?.

Shame you had to send it back by the sounds of it :clouds1:

James :clouds1:

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It does have the option to automatically df subtract but even without it, the results are impressive. Not too upset about it going back as I have an M8C sitting in a draw waiting for some attention - boys toys :clouds1: Fortunately, this one doesn't need to go back - just don't tell the wife! :shock:

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