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Unable to locate a Skymax 127 !

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After an age of researching I'm picking the Skywatcher Skymax 127 Synscan as 'our' first telescope. The problem is I can't find one for sale anywhere :clouds2:

Anyone know of a secret stash anywhere? The telescope is officially for my son's 10th birthday which is on the 16th of May.



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Sorry Stew but they are out of stock everywhere as are the Celestron equivalent due to being so popular.

The only thing you can do is to keep phoning round. I suggest you contact First Light Optics as SteveB is in the know.

They may have a shipment due shortly and be able to reserve you one.

Other than that you might have to choose a different scope :clouds2:

If you email them at questions@firstlightoptics.com they get back to you quickly.

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Not at all mate, they have been out of stock for quite a while due mostly I think to the Brian Cox effect.

Another very similar scope is the Skymax 102 or you could go for the 102 refractor.

Depends on your budget and what your son wants to view really.

Personally I would steer clear of the Meade's.

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Just checked Flo's website and they have the Celestron 127SLT in stock for £369.

Exactly the same OTA manufactured by Synta. The only difference is the mount and the object database in the handset.


Mind you a scope of that size with the object database of 42,000 odd on the Skywatcher is extreme as most of the obgects will be beyond the capability of the scope.

Good reviews of the Celestron too.

Or look at this scope:


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Booo :clouds2:

Budget was £500 but seemingly that's a duff budget because after the skymax, Celestron (£350-400) you need to spend quite a bit more for the next step up.

What I've been looking for...

Some sort of 'goto' function (motorised or guided)

Home space is at a premium so the more compact the better.

My son is soon to be using a wheelchair so having the EP at the blunt end is a bonus.



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No problem at all and welcome to SGL!

Any more questions then just ask as we are all here to help.

I hope you and your son enjoy the scope.

Next upgrade will no doubt be a 2x barlow and some better eyepieces.

I use a Celestron 2x barlow but the Tal ones are good.

Eyepieces I use are the Vixen NPL range which start at around £30. Obviously the more you spend the better the eyepiece.

I would also download Stallarium software for you computer (don't worry, it's free) and also an app for your iPhone or Android phone if you have one.

Stallarium can be good for planning your evenings viewing with your son.

Let us know how you get on.

Good luck and clear skies.

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If you buy either the skymax or the celestron don't forget a power tank about £40 from maplins (those mounts eat batteries) you will also need a dew shield ( easy to make from camping mat).

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I got the nexstar 127 mak and love it and the goto software is very very simple to use, you just align any 3 objects, date and time and job done.

It takes up so little room the wife never moans as I keep it in the conservatory :clouds2:

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I have the 127 SLT and find it a great scope. As previously mentioned the Skymax and the Celestron 127 SLT are identical ota's. The only real difference is in the accesories and the like. I am also told that the Celestron is marginally better made, but as they are made by the same company (Synta) in the same factory then I can't see how this can be true.

A must have extra will be a Powertank. The Maplin 3 in 1 is currently £25. All you will then require is a suitable powerlead which can be purchased from FLO.

Yes, it certainly looks like the Brian Cox effect is spilling into the summer, which is usually the end of the stargazing season for the scope shops. Come the autumn I would think that all the shops will have their stocks replenished, but If you need yours now and FLO have it in stock then I would snap their hand off

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127 mak is a great scope I has mine for all of 2months before I got aperture fever and got a 200 p on a heq5 however I still think that for planetary and moon it gives fantastic views and wouldn't let it go as we holiday alot in Devon and its a great grab and go

Your son will love it

I'm sure as he gets older his and your scope collection will grow too

Welcome to sgl


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