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Grumpy old man...

The Warthog

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Hi, I go by the name of Warthog. I started life in England, but at age eight I was kidnapped and stolen away to Canada by a band of Eskimos, who educated me in the ways of ice and snow, and taught me to eat seal blubber with my bare teeth. This prepared me for life as a Canadian Civil Servant, which I became after making my way by kayak, snowshoe, dogsled and canoe, into southern Canada...

OK, really my Dad retired from the British Army, and brought me and my family to Canada so long ago that I identify as a Canadian, now, except when Monty Python is on. And I drink warm beer.

I own a 4.5" Tasco, which in spite of Tasco's reputation is a fairly decent scope, and a nice selection of eyepieces. My eyesight leaves something to be desired, so I have more difficulty than many with finding things, but I know the sky fairly well, and have been interested in astronomy all my life, although I have only owned a scope for about six years.

I have four adult children, a wife, and a dog. Don't know what else to tell you, except that I am glad to see that this forum concentrates on visual astronomy, because I do too.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to participating, here, eh?

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Hi Warthog,

I'm a visual guy too but there are a lot of nice images to look at that are taken by the members of the forum.

What part of Canada are you posting from? I've been over there a couple of times, I bet your skies are pretty dark!


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I live in Niagara Region, southern Ontario, the LP capital of Canada. On a good night, my skies are aboot mag4, I think, because I'm about 1 mag short of everyone else. I can get to dark skies, but it's a drive of one to four hours, depending on which dark skies I want, and whether I want to fish in the daytime.

Twinkletoes, have we met already on another forum?

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