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You could use it but I reckon you will soon wish you got something better

I would say EQ5 or better would suit you if you intend to do astrimaging


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It depends of what you are intending to use.

If you are going to be using a webcam it should be ok for planetary and luna.

If you are think DSS then you will probabley have issues with it.

You may have to correct me on this and I dare say someone will but I didnot think the EQ3 had goto.

If I am correct in my thinking then DSS stuff will be out of its reach as you will not be able to guide it.

But like I say I stand to be corrected on that one.

Hope it helps.


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The EQ3 pro would certainly get you started. Especially if you use the reducer with the ED80 and a finder guider for autoguiding. According to the info on FLO's web site it uses the same GoTo as the 'normal' choices for deep sky astrophotography, the HEQ5 and NEQ6. The EQ3 Pro does seem to have an ST4 port.

It doesn't give you much latitude to upgrade the scope in the future though, and it is still a light weight mount so you would be susceptible to the wind. If you could stretch to an HEQ5 it would be a better long term investment.

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