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Solar filter for a 200P?


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Hello - I have been wondering about a solar filter for my Skywatcher 200P reflector.

I was wondering what my options are. I've thought about solar film but it doesn't look wide enough as the total diameter of the scope would be a bit over 8". Is it possible to use the Baader solar film to make a solar filter that would be nearly full aperture?

Are there are filters pre-made?


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Hello :eek:

I'm trying to understand the effect the aperture mask has and whether I should go for a full aperture filter for a Explorer 200p. A mask means less film which should mean a cheaper filter. Beyond that though, it reduces the focal ratio, dims the image and gives you less resolution. What does that mean if you're looking at the sun at different magnifications? What about imaging?


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One p in aperture!
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My image of the sun above was a single shot from a DSLR. I've since stacked multiple images from the DSLR and webcam in Registax, and can bring out more detail in the sunspots. My filter has an appeture around 3.5 inches on the Explorer 200PDS.

The Sun yesterday afternoon with several sun spots visible. Complete sun image was taken with DSLR while the close ups of the sun spots were with a webcam through a x2 barlow lens.


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I've just made a much shoddier version of this for my 9ish" Dob - just 2 discs of cardboard with a flattened hole as the baader sheet was not wide enough to cover the entirety of the aperture. I guess I'm left with the equivalent of about a 7.5" scope - perfectly acceptable if y'ask me! The film could be tighter and less rumpled, but I can sort that out. Gave the film first light during a gap in the clouds today and way very happy indeed. The larger of the two spots on ArmyAirForc's post has now blossomed beautifully and is accompanied by a string of pearls ;)


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In the past, I have made a couple of DIY off axis solar filters for my 200P.

Which worked well.

In the end I went for a pre-made full aperture solar filter from FLO.:)



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