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Saturn May 1st


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Very nice Freddie. I have a 9.25 sct and a dbk21. I am a novice and am wondering if one could capture an overexposed sequence to get the moons...then drop Saturn in from another sequence?

Hope you don't mind me twiddling around with your image.



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Hi, thanks for the comments.

Northcanadian, you have certainly bought out the moons much more but at the expense of some detail in the rings and planet. Thanks for the "twiddle" though.

As you say, you can put two layers together or two layers from two different AVIs, one captured/processed for best results on the planet and one for the moons. You then cut out what will be an over exposed/processed planet on the moon layer and combine the two. I just tend to work on the planet and am not too fussed with the moons though as they don't show any detail.

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