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Why waste money Lads? the EQ1 would be perfectly good enough although the Alt Azm mount may just edge it. Piggybacking a 6" refractor is just silly IMHO you should think about having two and use them as a Bino.


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No, no, no, you're going about it all wrong.......

Don't bother spending all your money on expensive mounts, just buy a Toucam pro (Preferably pre-flocked of course) throw it away and just use the little bendy table-top tripod it comes with!

Tested to 45lb's..........More than enough to take those large Newts over 12" and piggy backed APO's!


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It might help to know whats behind the jibes:

Greg and I had a 5" refractor to test and being a bit lazy/reckless we simply piggy-backed it on Greg's 8" Newtonian/EQ-3 setup.  We posted a pic some time ago and waited for all the comments ... but none came? 

At the Star Meet we discovered it was just that the others had taken us for a couple of loons and were holding their tongues so as not to offend. 

Once they realised, the floodgates opened! We should have taken flame-proof suits!!! 

Heres the pic:



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