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I have been offered an scb2000 and If I go for it will be using it with either a mak127 apo 90 or ed80...What can I expect from the videos? Are my OTA's good enough to use with video astronomy? It will come with power connector, visual cables and nosepiece. I understand that I need a capture device, which I already have but is there anything else I would require? A focal reducer perhaps?



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Hi Chris i had the older Samsung model the 435 and used it with both my Skymax 127 mak and my C80ED , it worked great with both scopes but i did find the focal reducer handy mine was an cheap Astro engineering 0.6x one . The camera was better on a lot of things with the C80ED due to it being a lot faster focal ratio than the mak but the mak was great on star clusters using the reducer hope this helps :hello2: . Just found an image well a mosaic actually i took of the Moon using the Samsung SDC435 and my Mak , think it was just a few seperate frames which made up the mosaic .

Regards Alan


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Hi Chris.

You can expect to get some brilliant photos.

I have had mine now for a long time and would not part with it.

I have done the IR filter mod along with the remote control mod and it makes life a lot easier.

Details of both mods can be found in the very early pages on here.

You don't have to stick with videos you can put them through registax like you would with a webcam.

With a little practice the sky will be your photoboard.

Using the higher integration cycles you can get some rearly impressive results on galaxies and nebulers.

If you look back a long way through the threads on here I posted up a link to a guys gallery on utube all of which were taken with one of these cameras.

You are going to love it.

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Ive already removed the IR filter but in all honesty guys Im pants with electronics unless its computers. I never really got into the fiddling with soldering irons etc and dont want to trash my camera, as much as the remote would be a godsend to me unfortunately Im unable to do it so will have to go without which is a shame:(

Ive had a fiddle and most certainly need the focal reducer which I'll order after the weekend.

Thanks for the advice guys its greatly appreciated,

Best wishes,


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