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Brightstar 2inch Manual Filter Wheel


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The filter wheel arrived today from Modern Astronomy in less than 24 Hours from payment!

This is a no frills option, also it can be argued one less thing to go wrong also, at £118.00 it is a third of the price (almost) of the next step up been a Starlight Xpress wheel.

They do other colour versions of these however on talking to Bern the Black is the latest revision (best selling also) and the coloured stock are previous versions.

In the Box:

1 Filter Wheel.

1 M48 threaded 2" Pushfit Nose piece (also threaded for 2 inch filters)

1 M48 to Male T thread adapter

1 T thread spacer

1 Allen key (to open the unit)

The unit is of two piece construction with the plate pointing to the sky been removable, this has 4 hex bolts, Inside is the Wheel which the 4 Filters are installed.

The Casing has 2 M48 Ports to attach to the camera etc, be aware that if you use T-Thread gear you will need a M48 to T thread adapter Teleskop Service do these part number TST2-M48L, this will then allow you the have a Male T port to attach to your CCD and a Female port to connect to reducer / extensions (as I find most of these are t-thread)

The weight is going to be around 450gm (with filters installed) depending on what adapters you have hooked up.

The wheel has a diameter of 142mm and is 21mm thick (aprox i dont have my digital dooberry at hand).

Istallation of the filters is painless and well im now ready for its first light (when my adapter arrives and the sky clears).......


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A few more photos of the Filter Wheel attached to my Atik 383L+

Also a note for future reference, distance from CCD to the scope Surface of the Filter wheel is 17mm (chip depth) +27.5mm (Wheel + Adapters) for a total of 44.5mm





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