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My Home Built Spectroscope - Design and Construction.

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Hi Spectronuts!

I thought I'd share and article which I just finished on the design and construction of by latest spectroscope. The "G300" as I'm calling it is a full slit based instrument with a slightly modified classical design. Anyway rather than go on at length here, I refer you to the article on my website.

The G300 Spectroscope

Hopefully might provide a some ideas for a budding DIY'er.



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The diagram say 135mm collimating lens, but Gremlin says a couple of time collimating mirror in the text. Seems to have got it fixed in his mind when writing that it was a mirror. :):D

Have to say very nice, very nice indeed.

Don't have the machinery to produce one, well I don't think I do, and I know someone that would really like one.

Will have to look into it in a bit more detail.

Many thanks, enjoyed seeing and reading about it.

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