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MVAS Update from across the pond


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Hello my English friends,

Wanted to send a post on my recent travels to the Mahoning Valley Astronomical Society meeting two weekends ago. I'm now officially a member and was treated to a night of observing from a very long focul length 8" refractor. We toured the skies seeing many galaxies and variable stars, along with a quick glimpse of Jupiter and it's moons before it fell below the horizon. I've found a great group of amateur astronomers that have two small observatories housing the 8", a 16", and they just completed a 25" Dob (I guess?).

They waived the normal attendance requirements, voting me in as a member on my first meeting. After being checked-out on the equipment I'll get my own personal key to use the observatories whenever I care to. I'm very lucky indeed. They also voted to purchase a nice astro-photography set-up and I'll include the first picture (if I can figure out how to add a picture) taken by one of the club members. I look forward to learning this hobby as well. It is a bit of a drive for me to get there (45 minutes from home) but, I'm lucky to have a group of enthusiasts to share in my hobby.

Hope you are all well and the skies are fair.

Randy J.

Columbiana, OH USA

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Hi Randy

Glad you had a good night out with the refractor - and that you've been welcomed by the astro club so quickly.

Hopefully you'll soon have your own key to the observatory.

I've just replied to your thread about posting images. Let me know if I can be of any further help. :)

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Hello Randy,

Sounds like your very lucky indeed what with all that equipment to hand and the 8" refractor must of been a great experiance for you.

Take care of the key's you get if it was me i would personally move into the observatory and lock the door behind me :) ..

Look forward to seeing the images you manage to get now and in the future too. As Big Dipper(andy) says if you need any help just ask thats what were here for..

Look Forward to future post's..

James :)

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