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Hey guys, ive got my PA as best as i can, and noticed that my images now 'track' in a zig zag pattern.

I get slightly eggy stars @ 60sec but noticed that the "eggs" zig zag, ie. Egg north, then egg south, then north, then south....

(Not sure if it is actually north, but you get the idea)

Is this mount related? Or PA related would you think? :)

Any input would be great.....oh and on a side note, probably 2/5 are NOT egg shaped stars, the 2 out of 5 are round stars, nice and crisp.


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The one thing that comes to mind is to have slightly more weight on the East side of the mount taking up any slack, if it's perfectly balanced the mount will 'tap' the gears to move instead of a constant 'push' needed.

just a thought, probably wrong but worth keeping in mind . :)

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Hi Glen, thanks for the suggestion! :confused: Will make sure i have more weight on the east side in future! :) Im sure it'll help, ive read that else where but never thought it would make that much difference!

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Been pondering (I know) a little on this and recall reading that PEC training in RA it's advised to aim for a star on the meridian (line in the sky directly overhead , north to South) and about 30 deg up from the horizon (equator). Good advise but, although this is the quickest way; it may introduce 'chasing the seeing' whereby you over compensate errors due to bad seeing/scintillation. Might be worth going a little higher to get out of the 'fluff', granted it'll take a little longer but cuts out another possibility.[?]

Other than that, can you switch off PEC in RA and/or DEC? Then take some test shots. If so you will at least cut the guesswork down a little, and find which one is causing issues :)

Just some thoughts. Hope you get it sorted


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Hi Glenn i dont have PEC at all, its just a dual axis kit for the EQ5 :confused:

Many thanks for your suggestions, i think it may just be that im at the limits of the drives and my PA. Im sure i could get it better with practice and more patience with drift aligning, im awaiting a GOTO upgrade coming end of month, so think ill perfect it then :(

In the meantime, i have a scope and can take reasonable images so im happy! :)

Thanks again for your time Glen

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Eddy it sounds like your mount is over compensating when guiding. I am no expert on the subject as I am still finding my feet with this guiding stuff.

I use PHD to guide with.

I had a similar problem a while ago and the advice I got was to lower the guide scope capture rate.

I.e if you are running at a capture rate of say every 1/2 a second back it down to 1 or 2 seconds.

This will have the effect of stopping the guiding programe 'chasing' the star.

Give it a try it worked for me.

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