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Twilight in Provence.

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We just got back from a short holiday in the south of France and stayed at a little place called Saint Gregoire which was lovely, it was the darkest skies I had seen for a few years now. Naturally we brought the clouds with us so for a region that claims to have 300 clear nights a year we ticked a few of the cloudy ones off, however when it did clear the sky was amazing.

I managed to get some of my favourite shots so far and it was all from the little terrace of the Gite that we were staying and are all single exposures as well. I do have some more pics too but maybe for later.




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Some nice shots there despite bringing the clouds with you :D

Love the last one in particular, lots of very familiar and favourite objects in there, even better with Venus in frame too.

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Thanks Rob. :)

I like the last one quite a bit too, although I like this one which has the village showing more as well. I guess the framing is better probably. I just second guessed myself in thinking it might make the picture too busy.

I'm going to print a couple of these out from the RAW files and maybe frame them.


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Thanks Olly, it really is just a small handful of houses in a little group and you have to really zoom in on google maps just for it to show up. It's in between Manosque and Valensole, it's a nice little area not far from the mountains.

Hopefully we will be back in the area soon.

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