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Greetings from (cloudy) Devon

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Thanks for the welcome, I'm based in Paignton. Have booked a place on the Introductory course at NLO next month.

You will enjoy the course Seadog and if you have not been to the NLO you will be amazed at the facilities! Hope to see you up there sometime.

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Love the quote in your sig, who is "MJK"?


@Cig. Its lyrics by alternative metal/rock style band called TOOL its where my avatar name comes from - the lyrics are from the song Aenima from the album of the same name. MJK is Maynard James Keenan, the supreme vocalist from Tool and side project A Perfect Circle.

It is seriously good listening if your into guitar based music with mental melodic singing and great lyrics.

As you can guess i'm a fan!



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Hi SilverSeadog,

And welcome! There seem to be a considerable number from Devon on here! I am also new here, and get to spend a bit of time a few miles up the road from you in North Cornwall. Skies are beautifully dark there when it's clear, but that doesn't happen nearly enough!

Anyway, enjoy, hope you get some great views from Paignton and let us know how you get on!

All the best,


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