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What colour Moonlite? :)

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So all,

Very important decision to be made now... what colour Moonlite CR1 should I get for my 8" Dob...

FLO have: red, orange, black and blue

Everything on the scope is black and white, my eyepieces of the likes of Televue and BGO so a green.

So maybe a red or orange would compliment them nicely... :(

Blue I think not and black a little boring.


Pics: David Lukehurst - Astronomical Telescopes - Index

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The red makes a very nice highlight with black and white. I remember in my minature painting days learning that a single splash of vibrant colour against a plain background scheme creates a very rewarding visual draw and focal point.

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Ian what sort of green is it? Would it go with Televue stuff? The picture looks like its dim

Sorry Adz, I've never seen the green in the flesh, only in pictures. But it certainly isn't the bright TeleVue or BGO green.

Personally, I'm not really keen on any colour other than orange. I would have my scope, mount and dog in anodised orange if I could :D



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Just had the same dilemma myself for my 250px dob!! I was inclined towards a nice orange/gold one, till I had a good look at the scope and imagined it - all white with black trimmings, finder etc. So I thought it really should be black.

The girlfriend originally thought pretty colours too, but came down on the side of black as well, and she's the style secretary :D

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Fun thread!

Has to be orange tho. Has that space look to it. I just switched from Geoptic mounting system to Altair - so blue instead of orange. Looks cheaper... (But isn't and is better...)

I like dilemmas like this when the clouds roll in and you start browsing internet shops!

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