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Digital copies of astro mags?

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I personally love using zinio reader for my digital magazines , however I find a serious lacking of any astro related mags.

Does anyone else use zinio or something similar, and more importantly iPad compatible

I prefer digital copies, 1 so that I don't upset 'she who is to be obeyed' with astro mags littering the place, and 2 it seems more 'green' as its saving paper xD

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I have to admit that I have Sky & Telescope send to me by email, so not quite what you are saying, but near enough.

The troubel is I keep buying the other monthly mags and forgetting to read the emailed S&T ones (in fact have almost bought the magazine version twice!!), so now have Jan, Feb, March and April to read!!

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I would be quite interested in a light astro mag on the iPad too, just this month's things to see, a hardware review or two, that would be enough for me. With it being digital and with online capabilities too, it should be really easy to have in-app purchases for back-issues or individual articles for a few pence each.

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