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Afocal photography eyepieces?


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I'm trying to do some afocal astrophotography with a 130P skywatcher, I just want to do planets the the moon for now and maybe the odd constellation, no DSO's.

I'm going to be using my Iphone with a clamp, I know thats not going to be great quality, but putting together a journal of what I see on an ipad so it makes life nice and easy to use the phone and keeps the cost down.

I have 10mm/25mm eyepieces that came with the scope, a 2x TAL barlow and a BST explorer 8mm. The BST is to fat at the eye-end to use the clamp with.

What I'd like is a good eyepiece for planets that will work well for afocal photography, and is thin so the clamp fits on it.

Any suggestions, or just tips on what to look for (eye relief, field of view, etc) much appreciated.

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Without knowing a little more about your clamp, it might be difficult to make a recommendation.

I took this:


Using a Celestron X-Cel LX (18mm) on my SW 200p. I was just trying out the EP and literally held my phone's camera lens to the EP and took a snap. The screw up eye-cup on the X-cel allowed me to hold my phone firmly to the EP, without risking the phone's lens surround making contact with the glass.

As photos go, it's not going to win me any prizes, but it was just a spur of the moment snap.

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