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Hello from Hull


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Hi folks.

I must say, this is an excellent forum. So much information, so many helpful members.

I've been interested in astronomy and space-travel since I watched the first moon-landing in 1969 (my earliest clear memory!), but it's only recently that I've started to learn my way around the sky. I've been very much an armchair astronomer...

I currently use 10x50 and 7x50 binoculars for my sky-gazing. Being close to the center of the city I don't see much from my garden, so I'm toying with the idea of specialising in lunar and solar astronomy, with other aspects being an interesting change from the main thrust of my viewing.

I look forward to participating in threads, but I fear I'll be asking far more than I answer!


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Hi Steve and welcome to the forum. It's the taking part that counts and you don't have to be a technical wizard to share an opinion - after all, other beginners will be interested to hear how you are getting on and what mistakes you might make along the way as your experiences are likely to be a lot closer to theirs. A daft question is the one you don't ask and there is plenty of room for you to chip in - its keeping people like me quiet that is the problem!:):D

Clear skies


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Hello Steve and welcome to the SGL.

To get you started in learning the night sky, you can print out (free) monthly sky charts at the link below. It has a lot of info on the locations of the easier deep space objects ("DSOs") as well as naked eye and binocular objects including the planets.

Skymaps.com - Publication Quality Sky Maps & Star Charts

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