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What's the best thing you've seen?

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I have a few....

The double cluster - I stumbled upon it while scanning the sky with my first scope (in truth I had no idea how to set up an equatorial mount, or use the finder properly, so seeing anything was an achievement!)

Saturn - found @ 2am - I wanted to wake the whole street to show them! Closely followed by seeing the reaction of many friends and relatives to showing them Saturn since then!

Hale Bopp was amazing

Two total eclipses - one clear, one cloudy, but both amazing experiences

Watching the Venus transit on a glorious day

But, possibly my favourite, seeing the Veil Nebula through Ollie's BIG dob - I never thought a view could look like the pictures I'd taken!



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I remember seeing the moon, Saturn and Jupiter for the first time, but the only moment when I literally said the now very over-used "oh my God" (very slowly) was when I saw the recent meteor. It was the best "wow" moment in my life (astro-wise) and the photos everyone may have seen of the other one was remarkably like the latest one. It really was that good, with my Mrs being very excited at seeing something "worth seeing..." for the first time!

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Has to be Saturn for the very first time for me.

but the funniest has to be the tool bag showing the ISS which way to go. It showed clearly passing overhead in time with the ISS most expensive handbag she ever turned he back on :)

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Thats a tricky one! My first view of Jupiter and the four Galilean satellites as a child using my mates Tasco telescope was pretty good. My first view of Saturn and Titan was also rather good. Since then, peraps the most memorable have been two spectacular meteors, both seen totally by accident. Still have loads to look forward to though!

Happy Viewing.

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The first time I looked at the Pleiades though my scope blew me away, it was and still is one of the most beautiful sights. When I was a kid it always used to fascinate me, although I used to call it a little chair then!

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M65 and M66 in the Leo triplet. When I saw them I began to think but just how far those galaxies were, it just blew my mind. Always loved the fuzzies :D

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Nine years ago we purchased a static van in Mid Wales, first ever real dark skies, lay out on a sunbed from first star until the Milky way became visible . Fantastic display, who needs optics :D .

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For me there have been a couple.

1. Using my own brand new eyepiece in the Harlan J. Smith Telescope | McDonald Observatory during a trip to the TSP in '89. Looking at M104 was amazing.

2. Seeing Omega Centaurus in home made 8" bino's again from the TSP.

3. M13 through FLO's CPC1100 at Kelling a few years ago - it looked exactly like the images that people take - only LIVE :confused:

Oh and finally, watching the Milky Way rise over the Davis Mountains (again at the TSP) with mag +7.5 skies :)


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Some that come to mind are

The 1999 Eclipse but spoiled by cloud (pretty spooky though)

First Jupiter

First Saturn

The Moon never ceases to provide me with hours of watching.

However the best was naked eyeing a large bolide (fireball) whilst on the Isle of Skye in 2008 with accompanying crackling sound effects from its ionised wake.

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