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A very sad day... kev 102 42

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A long standing member of SGL lost his battle with Cancer yesterday.

kev 102 42, who many will have met at the SGL star parties, or have been on the receiving end of his help, knowledge and generosity passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer.

I didn't know Kev that well, but still words really fail me.

Glad you in a better place mate, and no longer in pain.

My thoughts are with his family!


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I'm very, very sorry to hear that :)

I did have the pleasure of meeting Kev and he was a top bloke and great fun to be around. Very generous too.

A great loss and I've run out of words too I'm afraid.

Rest in peace now Kev.

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very sorry to here the news about Kev,

great, trusting guy who liked to help, something missed in todays society.

i once talked to him about binoviewers and he sent me his pair to try out for a few months ! i offered to pay postage but he wouldn`t here of it, luckily i managed to meet him at SGL 6 last year and we had a chat about this and that.

lovely guy and will be missed.

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Kev was a generous and helpful man. One who we will miss greatly. I met him a few times. Even went over his house And every time his help and advice was always great I will sorely miss Kev. At least he is no longer in pain and can look down at us when we look up at the stars at night

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I first met Kev in a dark car park at the Brecon Beacons Mountain Centre for the first South Wales Group meet. It turned out to be selcet - Kev, Peter (Psychobilly) and me. Quite what my mother would have said had she known that I was meeting two strange men I'd met on the internet in a dark location..... But Kev, Peter and I have grinned many times on remembering that occasion. Kev had just bought his first scope, had no idea how to set up a mount, and not much idea on how to use the camera with the scope. Between us we managed to get it all set up and then the first sub hit the back of the camera and the light pollution increased dramatically - Kev's smile was that BIG!! We also got some Wows with the visual kit I'd taken. It was quite a night. Already at that point Kev was fighting the big C, but he just kept confounding the doctors and getting much more out of life than they thought possible. He made 3 full SGL star parties after that (thanks to Peter) and was always full of enthusiasm and fun. His pain is now over though.

Its strange how things come full circle. I took the call from Kev's Mum, saying his battling was done, on Saturday while in the Mountain Centre, not 10 yards from the spot we'd first met - very poignant for me. I told her Kev was an inspiration to many of us.

I plan to pass on the thoughts expressed in this thread to his family.

Farewell Butty :)


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i didnt know kev, but i am still saddened by this, i lost my grandfather to cancer, my partners father, my mum and uncle have also had it, as have several other members- it truely is a sad thing when someone who is so strong as to fight cancer loses the battle....im not sure whats beyond those stars, but i hope you're there friend


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My contact with Kev was through PMs, a brief meeting at SGL4 and some long chats at SGL5 and SGL6.

He was so matter-of-fact about his condition and his determination to fight it all the way in the hope that a cure would materialise, that he won my immediate respect and admiration.

There had been other tragedies in his life that would have broken many another man but he never complained and did his best to lead as normal a life as he could.

Goodbye Kev - you will not be forgotten.


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I had the honour and privilege to spend a prolonged time with Kev last year at Lucksall, as well as exchanging many Private Messages with him.

He bore that Illness with tremendous courage, and I never heard a whinge from him. He was a lovely guy, and a credit to his family, friends, and the Nation of his Birth.

Rest In Peace Kevin. Our loss is Heavens Gain.

Ron and Patricia.

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I didn't know Kev personally but saying he touched many folk on SGL, his sense of humour and willingness to help others was apparent in his posts on the forum.

Rest in peace Kev and condolences to his family.

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