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Of all the scientists in all of time ..........


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Such a hard question.

Tesla, Planck, Da Vinci, Goodall, Galilei, Hawking, Hubble and sooo many more.

I don't know, maybe Chomsky. I'm struggling to chose one fairly so my choice is based on who I could talk/argue with for hours on end and still feel like I can comprehend thoroughly.

Very tough and very good question.

edit: Ooh Brian May

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It woul be interesting to meet Newton if only to see if he was as unlikeable as some reports suggest.

I would liked to have met some of the early chemists: Lavoisier or Mendeleev for example. At least I would have had a chance of understanding their work.


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Einstein, as I have had a love affair with general relativity for more than 30 years. Also, a couple of others who haven't been mentioned, Paul Dirac (who theoretically discovered antimatter) and Kurt Godel.

I have been lucky enough to attend talks by a few biggies who are currently alive, and whom I greatly admire, e.g., Roger Penrose, Stephen Hawking, Eugene Wigner, and Steven Weinberg.

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