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EQMOD and CdC sync Help required

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I am using EQMOD/CdC with my NEQ6 but I am spending all my time aligning everytime I move to a new object.

Am I missing something because last night I experimented with the three lower stars of Cassiopeaia Capth, Schedar and V Cas each one was aligned in Rigel Quickfinder, 32mm eyepiece then 12mm illuminated eyepiece then sync in CdC but everytime I slew to these it is way off (have to use the Qickerfinder to bring back in).

On CdC it does not align the current position with the stars aligned with therefore next move it is off again. I like CdC but I am not getting any benifits of a GOTO system.

Polar aligned using Alignmaster, GPS dongle for time and location.

Any idears what I am doing wrong?:)

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I'm an EQMOD/CdC user and it's working pretty well.

This may be a stupid question but are you pressing 'Sync' when you've centered your alignment object? If so do the objects then show up in EQMOD when you've synced them?

EQMOD should have 'Append On Sync' set for the 'User Interface' if you're using CdC.

Hope this helps.


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Make sure your location coordinates & elevation are identical in both CdC & EQMOD. Put them in manually if you only operate from one location.

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I am using the sync function when aligned and have "Append on Sync" set.

Location and dates are the same in both CdC and Eqmod.

I had another go this afternoon in garage, where I can see the CdC screen in white light.

I slewed to a alignment star then moved it a small amount to simulate aligning the star then sync the star, I notice the telescope circle moves not to the alignment star after sync'ing but to a position away from the alignment star on the sky chart. I would have thought it should correspond after pressing sync.

I tend not to look to closely to the chart at night with the red filter screen on alot of detail is not clear.

What chart cordinates setting do people use?


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