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1st Attempt at a Mosaic with a Dob

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I've uploaded the stacked images to dropbox if anyone would like to have a play.


The first image was put together in Microsoft ICE. It does a great job at merging the images but will not construct the complete mosaic. I've got a feeling it may be due to image rotation. :)

The second image was put together with iMerge. I've managed to get the complete mosaic assembled but its left some nasty bands where the panes overlap. :)

Tonight I'll try to capture the avi's a little faster to try and minimise the field rotation of the Dob mount.

Any advice welcome.

Thanks for looking.


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Hey Tiddles, I just took a look at your zip file. How did you manage to get so many segments? I read your previous post and it sounded like you were just letting the moon drift across taking a full stripe at a time.

Sorry if it's a dumb question but I'm still really new to this.

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As the moon drifted across the fov, I took many 200 frame avi's each one to make a tile for the final mosaic. If I'd taken one avi for each pass I couldn't see how to convert this into tiles without splitting it after capture with a video edit package. :)

The file name a_b

a = sequence number.

b= position in the sequence.

Total size of all the avi's was 10Gb :)

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I use GIMP to stitch together the component parts, it allows you to adjust the levels on each individual segments while you create the full image, thus "attempting" to make sure it all blends together.

I haven't used Microsoft ICE, although I have downloaded and installed it, so dont have a direct comparison.

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