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Something better than a finder scope.

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I think you are looking for a red dot finder, a Telrad or something simular such as an Orion EZ finder would fit your needs.

I have used both red and finder scope, I prefer finder scope to be the best, but in truth a scope which is fitted with both is the best option IMHO

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A red dot finder is attached to the scope in the same way as your existing finder. You look through it, and it projects a red dot, or a circle, onto the sky. So you can very easily line up the scope with objects which are visible to the naked eye.

Telrad is one popular finder; I use the Rigel Quickfinder which is also very good.

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The finder projects a red dot onto a screen (which in the case of a telrad or rigel is etched with a bullseye scale) which you look at the sky through. The red dot is then superimposed on the sky. Its a very intuative way to find things. Ideally, I agree with a combined approach of a red dot finder and then an optical finder to give some magnification. If I only had to choose one it would be a telrad - gives a huge leap in enjoyment and reduced frustration.


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I'm not quite up and running yet, I've just bodged myself a mount together and was just trying to make my life a little easier in terms of targeting objects, and yes 8 kids will drive you outside but I'm hoping to get my own back on them by making them sit out with me on those cold winter nights.


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